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Vermicompost and red Californian worm production.

The enterprises of Ukraine annually accumulate hundreds of thousands of tons of waste, which quickly lend themselves to spoilage and practically not used anywhere. Vermicomposting technology turns this waste into a highly efficient and absolutely environmentally friendly fertilizer. The organization of the vermifarm itself requires minimal investment and labor, which makes this technology is profitable and affordable for both small farms and large agro-industrial enterprises.

Vermi farms: efficient processing of organic waste

Vermicomposting is more relevant and completely environmentally friendly technology for processing organic waste earthworms. For cultivation, a population of "red Californian worms. "A feature of this species is high fertility, adaptability even to unfavorable environmental conditions and all types of organic waste. During the day, each worm produces an amount equal to its weight biohumus.

Vermicompost is a waste product containing biota, which has a positive effect on all types plants, strengthens their root system, gives a good immune start for crops, increases their resistance to stressful weather conditions and diseases. It is not only more effective, but also the safest fertilizer in comparison with manure, since vermicompost is completely free of pathogenic microbes, does not contain eggs, parasites and seeds weeds. The use of biohumus allows you to restore depleted soils and increase their productivity by 2-3 times.

Benefits of vermicomposting:

In addition to vermicompost, the vermiculture biomass itself is of great value, it is unique in its nutritional properties of raw materials for the production of compound feed, immunoprotectors and therapeutic and prophylactic feed additives. Dry biomass contains 65-70% proteins, 10-12% fats and many biologically active substances.

On average, the number of worms increases 20-40 times in just 4 months, while no significant expansion of areas and the number of staff serving the vermi farm. This allows not only to build up volumes waste processing, but also to use the excess biomass of worms for the manufacture of feed.

Food waste Biohumus

Sale of red California worms in Kherson

"Dobrobud" is a biomass and organic waste processing enterprise focused on the implementation rational ecological approach to agricultural activities. Vermicomposting the whole a set of tasks relevant for both small farms and large agricultural enterprises is an environmentally friendly and economically viable method of disposal of organic waste, as well as a source of high-quality inexpensive vermicompost and feed.

Here you can buy Californian worms to create a worm farm at competitive prices with delivery across Kherson and area, as well as the possibility of self-pickup. To learn more about the benefits of technology vermicomposting, and the prospects that she opens, call us at the number indicated on the site.